Due to numerous inquiries about the cost of building  a three bedroom bungalow,i have published a post with a breakdown of lump-sum amount required for each stage in constructing a three bedroom bungalow.Also included in this post is the Layout Plan of the three bedroom bungalow and its pictorial view.The individual Lump-sum given for every stage includes the labour fee, the cost of
materials, and plants/equipments and other running expenses.I have also indicated on each stage,the assumed specifications and scope of works.The figure may vary from place to place but generally that is the amount required to  build a three bedroom bungalow.
The Cost Estimates of a Three Bed room Bungalow.cost of building a 3 Bedroom House

5 Steps to Help You Hire the Right Contractor.

Don’t take chances on this all-important team member. Find the best general contractor for your renovation or new build by heeding this advice.Building your dream is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but all that excitement comes with a lot of responsibility. Hiring the best general contractor for you and your project is an extremely important decision. That choice will determine the quality of craftsmanship and will minimize emotional stress and unexpected costs. Bringing in the right contractor early in the design process is one of the most important ingredients in staying on budget and on schedule during construction.

Here are five simple steps to help you hire the right contractor for your project.

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