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Algae are the greenish organisms that grow on wall that is prone to dumpness.They are slippery and not so pleasant to look at. They are ways of getting rid of the algae and fungi on the wall, but will talk about liquid from Basco paints and that is the Dura Fungicidal Wash.

wall infested with algae

Dura fungicidal wash is an anti-fungal solution containing potent fungicides that are effective against fungal and algae growth. It gives a clear finish on area applied.

Scope and Purpose.

Dura fungicidal wash is designed for use in areas which are prone to fungal or algae attack such as food processing areas like breweries,Dairies,Bakeries etc.It can also be used in any other area other than the one mentioned above, which may attract fungal or algae growth. Such areas which are prone to high humidity and perpetual wet conditions as are always found in coastal areas.

The Method of Application.

By brush only. Before application, thin the fungicidal wash with water in the ratio of 1 part fungicidal wash to 3 parts of water. Then apply liberally by brush one coat of mixture on areas affected with algae and fungi using hand brush. Leave for 24 hours. Then scrape off all the debris. Apply a second coat. Allow an overnight action, and then apply the required paint system such as duraplast, vinyl matt and superfast.


This is a toxic material; therefore the following rules must be strictly observed.

  1. Wear protective clothes, face masks and hand gloves when using.

  2. Do not keep near food or areas where fungicidal wash is likely to come into

contact with food.

  1. Keep away from children reach.

  2. If in contact with skin or eyes wash with plenty of water, then seek immediate

medical attention.

  1. If accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting but seek immediate medical


  1. Wash hand and face with plenty of water and soap immediately after use.

Adapted from Basco Paints (Kenya) Ltd.

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