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Factors to Consider Before Buying Ceramic Tiles.


Ceramic tiles are the widely used floor finish because of their durability, moisture proof, easy to clean and maintain and availability of many unique and beautiful varieties of designs, sizes and colors.
We have Porcelain tiles, vitreous tiles and ceramic tiles in the market. In general they are all referred to as ceramic tiles.


Below are the  common types of Ceramic Tiles,

Ceramic tiles. The beauty of the traditional ceramic tiles is the wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. They are commonly used in residential areas or where the traffic is not very heavy. It’s also from these ceramic tiles that we get tiles that have very good slip resistant surface, making them ideal for wet areas like bathrooms.

Vitreous tiles.Can be used to beautify a wall as A wall coverings. They are very colorful, aesthetically-pleasing to the eye. They are not commonly known but they are in market. They are harder than traditional ceramic tiles. It’s also ideal for heavy traffic and exposed areas.

Porcelain tile is both harder and denser than the other traditional ceramic tile products. Porcelain and traditional ceramic tiles are commonly used in both private and public buildings. You can always depend on ceramic tiles for long life span and unique visual appeal

 Factors to Consider Before Buying Ceramic Tiles.

Budget. How much are you willing to spend on the floor/wall finish? With the help of a skilled tiler you can take the square area of the surface and get the quantity of tiles, adhesive, edges, grout etc, which may be needed to successfully cover the area targeted. With these quantities you can visit different shops selling tiles and compare the prices and varieties on offer. You should buy what you like and can afford. Different ceramic tiles have different prices. Porcelain tiles are general more costly than traditional ceramic tiles.

Use of the Room. Wet rooms like bathroom, laundry, and kitchen require non slip tiles. Consider the traffic of the room, if the there is heavy traffic in the room then porcelain tiles are handy because they can endure heavy continuous traffic. Porcelain is strong and long lasting. It’s ideal for public places and residential house because it’s appealing.

Bonding Adhesive. This is a very important factor, because it is directly related to the workmanship and durability of the entire tile work. Some floor tiles especially ceramic tiles will bond well with ordinary cement. But for porcelain or vitreous tiles if you use ordinary cement, they will not bond well and may come off after a few months or years. Porcelain and vitreous tiles have special tile adhesive material that bond well with the tiles and floor surface. This tile adhesive is sold by the same outlets selling the tiles.

The pattern to use. Will the tiles be laid in a straight pattern or diagonal pattern? Diagonal pattern has a lot of wastage, because of the many cuttings. Diagonal pattern comes in handy when the shape of the room doesn’t have square i.e. when the corners of the room are not 90degrees.Diagonal pattern can be recommended for big and rectangles or square shaped rooms.

The spacing between the tiles. Will the surface have zero joints? Spacers are used to get specific joints of specific thickness. Spacers are cross- like plastics made of certain thickness. The spacers come in various sizes, 2mm and 3mm, 5mm thickness etc. They help in maintaining a certain uniform thickness throughout the tiled surface. It’s this space that is normally filled with grout. Grout is a cement based adhesive. It basically joins the tiles together. Grout is waterproof and also enhances the beauty of the tile finish.

Tiling Contractor. Hire a skilled person to fixing the tiles, he must be experienced and professional, he must get the job done right the first time. There is no need of spending a lot of time and money to buy the ceramic tiles and then you get unqualified tiler. Ask to see his previous work,and talk previous  clients ,to get a clear picture of his character and workmanship.

11 Points to Consider when Planning for a Safe Room in Your House.

What are basic the function of a house? Shelter against external weather elements like cold, heat, rain, sun etc.A house also provides privacy and security against people who want to either steel your property or harm your family.

This article is about security of your family members specifically inside house, what happens when the thugs are determined to enter your house. What measure should you  have in place to safeguard you and you family?

A Safe Room is strong and fortified room in a house designed to protect you against people who want to harm you and your family. It’s designed to keep you safe as you wait for help to arrive. A safe room can be selected from any of the existing bedroom, especially if it is an afterthought i.e. in an already designed and built house. A safe room can also be included at the design stage of the house; this is the best option as the final room blends well with other rooms. With the safe room, the few people know about it the better…You have the option of telling the architect about the safe room at the design stage, it can be labeled as a bedroom, storage room etc.As the owner of the house you have the option of not mentioning the final use to your architect. The construction team will construct and complete the project hand over the key to you and then you look for security expert to advice and help you secure the house. You can also build the safe room yourself with workers from another far town. We know most of domestic robberies are done with help from inside the house. If you use a security firm to design and build your safe house, then insist on privacy and confidentiality agreement to secure the safe room.

Factors to consider when building a safe room.

The wall, should be very strong to resist fire for at least 4 hours; it should also withstand gun fire. A wall made of concrete, or double masonry wall can be used for walling the safe room.In case of fire, it should prevent smoke from permeating the safe-room.Meaning the door should be airtight. The wall can be built up to and touching the roof, with a ventilation window up on roof.

The door, of the safe room should be strong enough to resist gunfire or brute force. The door can be made of solid steel or solid concrete. The door should be hidden behind a wall unit or cupboard to confuse the intruder.

Door lock. Get a door lock that can only be operated from inside the safe-room, that way the intrude cannot open from outside.
The room should be windowless, this also reduces the weak points in the house and also it makes it very difficult for intruder or anybody to locate or position the room.A 10feet by10feet floor area can provide sufficient air for ten people and prevent carbon dioxide build up for up to five hours, so even without window or external air supply you can still survive. To be more comfortable you can build an air vent leading to a secret external point, that way you get supply of air from outside.

Sound. The safe-room should be sound proof; this can allow you to call for help silently.

Power back up. The safe room should have its own power back just in case the invaders disconnect the main power line.

Phone.In most cases when invaders strike, there is always panic and in most cases, you may run to the safe room without your mobile phone. Have a functioning mobile or landline in the safe room always. Check the phone to make sure its always in good working condition, the battery has charge and the network coverage is good in there.

Camera, You can hide CCTV camera in your house and have the control room in your safe-room, that way you can be able to see what the invaders are doing, that gives you much control of the situation.

First aid Kit. You maybe hurt or injured before accessing the safe room, if you manage to enter the safe room, then you will need first aid.

Food-supply.Because you don’t know the duration of your stay in the safe room, it may be important to have enough food and water supply in the safe room.

Secret access. Depending on the design, the safe room can have a secret door leading out of the main house, through a tunnel, this is very important in extreme cases.

Safety equipments. You must have functioning fire extinguisher, toolbox with basic tools. As human beings we must do our best to protect ourselves, the rest leave God,He is able.




How To Design a Kitchen

The kitchen is the social hub of a home, and a well designed kitchen not only adds to the enjoyment of your home, but also boosts its resale value. A kitchen needs to make a strong design statement.

Each day you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals for your loved ones, so the kitchen must be efficient, comfortable and as beautiful as possible.

Factors to consider when planning your kitchen. Read More …